My birthday gift to you on how to be healthier and happier

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Small town boy chases big dreams!

A simple strategy that works every time and will change your view on food forever

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Find and fix the sneaky weight loss mistakes that are holding you back

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1. Eat a high-protein breakfast.

Skipping breakfast and eating a low-protein diet are two of the most common practices I see with people who struggle with their weight. So, don’t DO that if you don’t want to BE that.

An easier way to get better results when you are struggling with healthier habits

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And how to be a goal-getter, not just a goal setter

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1. Commitment

I’ve always liked that little story because it makes you think about your goals in life that still seem to stay out of reach.

And how to stay fit for life despite how you feel today

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1. Mindset Muscle

Change how you…

While still enjoying some treats and time off

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It also makes you better at everything else

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The truth might shake you up

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Sean Barker, CPT, PN2

Father, foodie, fitness coach and author of the Amazon best-selling book The Easy Eating Diet. Apply for Online Custom FIT Coaching here:

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