Small town boy chases big dreams!

I grew up in a small isolated mining town called Wabush, nestled into the Labrador West-Quebec border area of Northern Canada. Where the winters are long, cold, and the snow squeaks underneath your feet. Then the highly anticipated summer’s are almost too short for shorts.

Your step by step blueprint to get the body you want

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Do you want to know the secret to anyone you see who has a successful fitness transformation?

Whether it’s those jaw-dropping before and after transformation photos in the magazines or your friend who you barely recognize after their dramatic weight loss, they all follow a similar path of progress.

After coaching over 1100 health and fitness clients in 25 years and also going through body transformations myself (where I once even came 2nd place in a worldwide magazine transformation contest), I am coming from a place of strong experience and expertise.

So if you are willing to put in the…

And how to have fun with your fitness

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When it comes to teaching our kids new things, we as parents are pretty confident that we have a handle on teaching them good habits.

As the saying goes, “with age comes wisdom”, along with grey hair and wrinkles I might add. So as we get more years under our parenting belt and we teach our kids the ropes, we all become our own parenting experts, right?

But when it comes to exercise and activity in the game of life, maybe it’s time we look to our little leaguers for some expert workout advice… and the younger they are, the…

With the bodyweight burners fitness challenge

If you are stuck at home with your workouts or you want to add a body-burning finisher to your regular gym workouts, I have a simple (but not easy) fitness challenge to put your muscles and metabolism into overdrive in the next 28 days.

There are stacks of research that show the value of doing something more often, especially in small doses not only builds a stronger habit but can also build a stronger fitter body.

The opposite, — doing a lot of something at once — especially when it comes to exercise, usually doesn’t produce favorable results since it…

Goodbye soggy salads and hello to a healthy meal in minutes

Photo by Correen on Unsplash

If you are like me, you probably have a busy lifestyle to keep up with which makes eating healthy, and especially eating lots of veggies, pretty challenging at times.

We all know that a hearty salad full of green vegetables is good for us; however, due to our busy schedules, finding time to prepare a good salad or taking it to work isn’t always practical.

You can pack your own salad in Tupperware at home but you will need many containers to separate ingredients, especially the dressing, so you don’t end up with a soggy salad come lunchtime. …

Stop gorging on guilt and use the food and feelings system

Photo by Ilana Lahav on Unsplash

In all areas of life, you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. You also can’t get better at something if you don’t practice. This is also true of your diet.

Practice + Patience= Progress

You eat one cookie that’s not on your diet plan and you think, “I blew it! I fell off the wagon”, so I might as well eat six more cookies, and “I’ll just get back on track on Monday.”

Stop thinking that there is something magical about Monday, and also start realizing that eating or exercising better, is more like a dial that you adjust, not a switch that you…

And the truth on the toxic fats in your food

Photo by Cassiano Barletta on Unsplash

Despite their commonly known name, most of the vegetable oils used for commercial and home cooking, and long promoted by large agriculture corporations as “heart-healthy,” like canola, corn, cottonseed, grapeseed, soybean, sunflower, and safflower oil, among some others, are not beneficial to your health.

Vegetable oils were non-existent until the early 1900s. But with the invention of certain chemical processes and a need for cheap fat substitutions, the world of fat, and our health, hasn’t been the same since.

Vegetable oils are a source of mostly polyunsaturated fats, some monounsaturated, and saturated fats, which are all sources of fats we…

And it’s not how you think

Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash

I love cooking on my backyard BBQ in summer and even use it year-round in Atlantic Canada.

But, cooking burgers over a flaming hot grill, although the most popular option for most home cooks, never produces a juicy, flavourful burger as you get at a good neighborhood diner.

And avoid these 4 common cooking mistakes

Nothing beats fresh food cooked on the grill (especially outside).

It's tasty, makes for easy cleanup, and healthy, especially when you fill it up with lots of high-quality protein and produce.

So be the king or queen of your grill when guests are over and the “steaks” are high, and learn how to sear, slice, and serve the perfect steak!


  • 2 steaks of choice (1.5 inches thick), like striploin, T-bone, filet, or rib-eye
  • Coarse sea salt
  • Coarse freshly ground black pepper
  • Avocado oil
  1. Move your Meat. Allow your steak to come up to room temperature before cooking it by taking…

And why sore muscles don’t matter much

Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

I remember it like it was yesterday…

Being 15 and squatting down to pick up my books out of my high school gym locker and screaming in agony because my legs were so sore from my very first leg workout.

But some of that pain soon turned to laughter as I also heard my best friend and training partner at the time scream out profanities as he tried to bend down at his locker just down the hall!

“Shared pain is lessened” as they say…

Sean Barker, CPT, PN2

Father, foodie, fitness coach and author of the Amazon best-selling book The Easy Eating Diet. Apply for Online Custom FIT Coaching here:

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