Stop making new year resolutions and do this instead⁠ ⁠

Instead of starting a tired and temporary New Year resolution again this year, start a New Year REVOLUTION with your health and fitness instead.

Here’s how… ⁠

Every January all you see, hear, and read about are people making the big three New Year’s Resolutions — to make more money…

This motivation strategy works every time

I know it’s common and you may struggle to get and stay motivated to practice your health and fitness habits, (especially in December!)

Hey, so do I. It’s normal at times.

“I want to hit the gym in the morning, but, ugh, I slept in, so I’ll do it tomorrow…”

Try this successful strategy when you begin to binge

I’ve helped thousands of people lose fat, tone up, and get healthy over the last 25 years of coaching, and here’s a situation I encounter all too often…

“Jane” has been following her healthier diet and workout plan for a couple of months and has made steady improvements.

Then, one…

Make eating easier today and relish the results for life

I love some macro tracking to assess or reset myself or a client who is stuck with their diet and weight loss. (If you are unsure of the term, “macro” it is short for the macro-nutrients of protein, carbohydrates, and fats found in our food.)

But tracking your macros (even…

Sean Barker, CPT, PN2

Father, foodie, fitness coach and author of the Amazon best-selling book The Easy Eating Diet. Apply for Online Custom FIT Coaching here:

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