Sean Barker, CPT, PN2
Sean Barker, CPT, PN2

Sean Barker is a husband, father of two, foodie, award-winning fitness coach, and author of the two best-selling books, The Easy Eating Diet and The Easy Eating Diet Cookbook on Amazon.

Sean rises up early every morning with energy and enthusiasm and has a burning desire for self-development, being a health hacker and over the last 25 years, has traveled the world to learn from the best in the fitness industry.

For the last 11 years Sean successfully coached thousands of busy parents and professionals to be their best fit at his formerly owned fitness studio KV FIT in New Brunswick Canada.

He now works with clients all around the world to lose weight and feel great with his Online Custom FIT Coaching.

In 2015 and 2017 Sean was nominated runner-up by his industry peers for Personal Trainer of the Year at Fitness Business Summit in California.

He has also spoken twice on stage at the Fit Body Bootcamp Franchise World Conference and for many other corporate companies and organizations.

In 2014 he was voted 3rd place in North America for the Men's Health Next Top Trainer contest and selected by Men's Health as one of their MVP contributing fitness writers.

He has also been a contributing writer to Canada's leading fitness magazine Inside Fitness and many others offline and online publications.

Sean believes "every day is a chance to get better", for himself as a coach, as well as his clients.

He continues to be driven to succeed in spreading his passion to find your best FIT and achieving better health and happiness.

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Sean Barker, CPT, PN2

Sean Barker, CPT, PN2

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Award-winning fitness coach and best-selling author of The Easy Eating Diet and cookbook. Apply for Online Custom FIT Coaching here: