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  • Parveen Panwar, Mr. Activated

    Parveen Panwar, Mr. Activated

    Entrepreneur, angel investor and syndicated columnist, as well as a yoga, holistic health, breathwork and meditation enthusiast. Unlock the deepest powers

  • Theresa Albert

    Theresa Albert

    Director of Communications at DigiWriting

  • Dax Moy

    Dax Moy

    Dax is a 21 year coaching veteran with a weird knack for taking the really complex and complicated and making it simple, systematic and super-effective

  • ✋ LadyJudi ® ✌️

    ✋ LadyJudi ® ✌️

    Insatiable Student of Human-ness, Experiencer of Miracles, Believer of Oneness, Lover of Life! Prognosticator & Healer. Proud Chokonen Apache Nde. AHO

  • Doreen Harper

    Doreen Harper

  • Todd Harris

    Todd Harris

    Passionate and thoughtful insights and opinions on improving lives and preserving our natural resources. #environmentalist #doglover #entrepreneur

  • Etsuko Tsukagoshi

    Etsuko Tsukagoshi

    Writer who studies love & marriage. Author of a book on cross-cultural marriage(in Japanese). Marry the one you love, and love the person you married.

  • Rosenfeld Media

    Rosenfeld Media

    Unequaled UX expertise. Follow our Medium publication: https://medium.com/rosenfeld-media

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