The Guaranteed Solution to Lose Fat

Everyone makes this mistake

Sean Barker, CPT, PN2
5 min readOct 28, 2020


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The hard truth if you are struggling with fat loss. Is…

You are eating more calories than you think.

It can’t possibly simply be that you’re eating more calories than you think, can it?

There’s no WAY that’s the case!

Even though you’re hungry most of the day and your portions are super small.

Some days you are even “hangry” and think you’re practically starving.

This cannot be true, it must be something else right?

Humans are very poor at two things when it comes to our diets:

  • Estimating the calories we eat.
  • Estimating the calories we burn.

In fact, we are so poor at this that we often underestimate our consumption by 50% and we overestimate our burn by 50%.

It’s why even many diet research studies are not very reliable, because they rely on the participants to use a food journal to track everything they eat in the real world. This creates a very inaccurate assessment and result.

In practice, an example of diet tracking may look like this:

  • You roughly estimate you ate 1,750 calories in a day.
  • You actually ate 50% more than this, which is 875 calories more (2,675 calories in total).
  • You roughly estimate you burned 1,000 calories weight training and running on the treadmill for an hour.
  • You actually burned 500.
  • With all that exercise, you get hungrier, eating back more than you normally would and you add in an extra 1,000 calories during the day — on top of the 2,675 you already ate.

Let’s math together for a minute:

  • You’re aiming for 1,750 calories.
  • You actually ate 2,675 “normal” calories due to your poor estimation.
  • You worked out for an hour and burned 500 calories, but you ate back an extra 1,000.
  • Now, you’re at 2,675 calories + 500 calories = 3,175 calories — holy crap, that’s almost twice over what you thought!



Sean Barker, CPT, PN2

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